The introduction of eSIM is fundamentally changing how access to mobile networks can be managed


eSIM technology is digitizing the traditional plastic SIM card which has been the reliable network access mechanism in the mobile industry for decades. It's introduction can deliver instant connectivity from the provider of choice without the need to manually insert a physical security token into the device. This opens up the way for fully automated processes, introducing efficiencies as well as revenue opportunities which in turn are the mandatory ingredients driving innovation.

Our solutions have been built to enable players in the connectivity market to tap into these benefits and offer competitive services best suited to their specific use cases. Besides the GSMA eSIM management components for consumer and M2M we make the advantages of subscription management available with a light-weight solution for legacy SIM cards as they will remain widely used in M2M applications for years to come. On top of the subscription management function we provide a connectivity orchestration framework to fully automate profile lifecycle and provisioning processes.


The functional scope of our GSMA compliant eSIM management solutions is the secure management and provisioning of operator profiles to eSIM capable devices.

The systems are independent and can be deployed seprately for a dedicated use case, either eSIM Managment for M2M or eSIM Management for Consumer. Alternatively both systems can be deployed on a single platform that addresses both use cases.

If you want to learn more about the technology behind the solutions download our eSIM handbook.

for IoT

The sheer volume of expected connected devices in IoT demands the fully automated management of the connectivity lifecycle without any human interaction.

Based on highly customisable business rules and the integration of external event notifications the platform triggers the defined operations through the interfaces of the connected subscription management systems.

With our IoT Connectivity Orchestration platform the device's connectivity becomes an on-demand service allowing fully automated management of use cases like initial localisation, advanced fall-back and dynamic location change.

It is a key component to manage complex supply chains and to address effectively the risks of regulatory requirements like permanent roaming across different regions.

for legacy SIM

Even if eSIM technolgy is spreading rapidly, SIMs are still dominating the M2M market and the management of subscriptions on SIMs can be more than just an intermeditade step towards introduction of eSIM technology for highly cost sensitive use cases.

Our SIM Subscription Management solution offers Over-The-Air management of MNO subscriptions on SIM cards in a light-weight manner with a minimum payload that is transported over SMS.

The solution supports remote management procedures simular to subscription management for eSIMs, like subscription download, activation, deactivation and deletion.