enabling next-generation subscription management services

off-the-shelf software components and fully tailored solutions for advanced connectivity management of IoT and consumer devices



Consumer eSIM Management


As eSIM replaces the plastic SIM card at scale there is a growing case for Mobile Operators to build and operate their own eSIM management service to take full control of this core component.

We deliver the SM-DP+ software as well as the expertise to integrate it into existing infrastructure and processes.




IoT Connectivity Management


The IoT Connectivity Orchestrator acts as the central node for fully automated connectivity management of your Enterprise customers and their MNOs and OEMs.

To perform the required M2M eSIM operations it can be integrated with the achelos SM-DP and SM-SR components as well as 3rd party solutions using standardised GSMA interfaces or system specific APIs.




building eSIM services that are
fully integrated into the network


complementing their hardware offer
by integrating connectivity services


creating innovative solutions
for a highly dynamic market




Why achelos IoT?


Our cloud-native solutions are developed with performance, resilience and agility in mind. They are optimised to run on highly elastic infrastructure with capabilities for automatic scaling and self-healing.

Extensive APIs provide simple but powerful access to system functions and make the integration to your existing technology stack straightforward.

And where required, we rapidly add tailored features, getting your ideas to market faster with minimal disruption.

Partnerships rooted in trust


By closely collaborating with our customers and listening to their ideas at every project stage we develop a deep comprehension of their requirements.

Our focus on continuous improvement effectively maintains and grows these relationships into true partnerships.

To guarantee the highest level of quality and information security we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Partners from our network include:


Workz is recognised as one of the global leaders in mobile IoT - enabling the secure deployment of smart devices and their data faster and easier than ever before. Its hybrid eSIM management solution provides the next-generation of remote SIM provisioning platform supporting multiple use cases. The system provides over-the-air update capabilities that allows remote management of subscriptions on all eSIM devices. The SM-SR, SM-DP and SM-DP+ components form a complete eSIM management platform based on GSMA specifications. Workz has selected achelos as a partner to provide its expertise in subscription management technology to support the launch of this breakthrough new eSIM solution.

Tele2 IoT orchestrates communication between devices and machines, to help you launch successful IoT solutions.
At Tele2 IoT we focus on what we do best; deliver global connectivity as well as enable efficient management and Value Added Services needed within IoT. We are very happy to work in a close partnership with achelos, their speed and flexibility are perfectly aligned with our core values. Our best-of-breed partners contribute with their area of excellence, to give the customers the best IoT solution for their needs. Together we make IoT happen.

CAIRON serves since more than 10 years the telecommunications industry worldwide. We steadily developed to a full-range solution and services provider with a constantly growing portfolio including all types of cards (SIM, vouchers, memory) and packaging, but also value added services (SOS credit, VoIP) and a number of other solutions. Our partner-based business model allows us to be extremely flexible and always find the right solution or product to accompany the growth of our customers. Since 2016 we work with achelos on an independent eSIM Subscription Management solution.

Through the partnership with achelos, ConnectedYou (CY) successfully meet a critical milestone in our vision of creating a seamless and independent orchestration layer for IoT connectivity. achelos’ RSP solution powered with CY’s IoT service platform allows MNOs and MVNOs to quickly get on-board our eco-system, enabling a plethora of connectivity options for CY’s customers. IoT connectivity is chosen by customers based on unique combinations of geography, price, time-to-market and network stability and the only way to enable open choices is to decouple connectivity from the hardware - which is exactly what we have achieved.