achelos IoT offers network operators, OEMs and large IoT service providers a GSMA-compliant, integrated solution for secure remote provisioning of mobile subscriptions for network authentication.

The platform enables management of embedded SIMs (eSIM) and can similarly be used to manage traditional SIM cards, supported by purpose-built on-card applications. We can easily enable any customer interested in trying out the eSIM technology with an out-of-the-box deployment in AWS (Amazon Web Service).

Our modular connectivity management components and their interoperability ensure that network growth, scalability and future releases and technology standards can easily be accommodated; from GSM, UMTS and LTE to 5G.

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At achelos IoT, we have developed a number of high security operating systems for the international market, using a variety of system architectures, IC’s and cryptographic libraries for both contact-based and contactless products.

We provide various embedded simulations and test products to ensure that the quality requirements of our clients are fulfilled to the highest standard by executing module, integration and system testing.

Based on our profound OS expertise, we are also a trusted partner when it comes to the development of applications for embedded systems covering a diverse set of market segments.


achelos supports customers to assess and to improve the security of their overall IoT system.

The Service is based on the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines (CLP.12 for IoT Service Ecosystems and CLP.13 for IoT Endpoint Ecosystems) and the GSMA IoT Security Assessment Checklist (CLP.17).