achelos IoT offers a GSMA compliant solution for secure remote provisioning of embedded UICC (eUICC) - better known as eSIM.

The functional scope of our eSIM management platform is to securely handle network access credentials in the form of MNO profiles and to remotely provision these profiles to IoT/M2M and consumer devices equipped with eSIM.

The solution’s modular components based on Mircroservices ensure that we can rapidly adopt the platform to specific requirements and continuously implement enhancements derived from the evolution of standards and technology.

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The IoT market is increasingly expecting the connectivity lifecycle of devices to be managed automatically without any human interaction.

The achelos IoT Connectivity Orchestration framework (CO) facilitates this automated connectivity management. Through customisable business rules and integration of external event notifications the CO triggers defined operations through the interfaces of external eSIM management systems.

In this way connectivity becomes an on-demand service allowing fully automated management of use cases such as initial connectivity bootstrap, advanced fall-back and device location change.


At achelos IoT, we have developed a number of high security operating systems for the international market, using a variety of system architectures, IC’s and cryptographic libraries for both contact-based and contactless products.

Based on this profound expertise, we are also a trusted partner when it comes to the development of applications for embedded systems covering a diverse set of market segments.

achelos IoT can provide all services across the entire development project lifecycle, from requirement analysis to integration testing.