eSIM Subscription Management for Consumer

The functional scope of the Subscription Management platform is to handle the network access credentials securely in the form of MNO profiles and to provide these profiles to the eUICC in a consumer device. A close integration of the SM-DP+ components with the MNO infrastructure and adoption of the supported workflows for the MNO business processes are the key to success for deploying the Subscription Management services.

The solution offered provides the following key features in relation to eUICC management:

  • Compliance with GSMA specifications for consumer devices (SGP.22)
  • Compliance with GSMA SAS requirements with regard to software implementation

All core components are built in the form of microservices and are loosely coupled, communicating via TCP/HTTP(S)/MessageBroker interface for asynchronous and via TCP/HTTP(S) interface for synchronous data exchange, providing a high level of cohesion between the services. This approach has been selected in order to achieve excellent horizontal scalability of the complete system and to significantly improve system testability.


Like the SM-DP in the M2M solution, the SM-DP+ is responsible for creating and protecting operator credentials, i.e. the profile. However, as it comprises the functions of the SMSR for profile download and remote management it carries the “+” in its name.

The core of the SM-DP+ is the service to deliver MNO profile to devices compatible with GSMA RSP specification.

The following steps should be performed by SM-DP+ acting on behalf of the MNO:

  • MNO defines a profile template – a set of files and applications available on the downloadable virtual SIM card. Profile template is represented in ASN.1 form defined by TCA (ex. SIMalliance) Interoperable Profile Package Description specification [Ref.6] with some extensions related to subscription personalization variables
  • MNO imports subscription details – network authentication keys and identifiers
  • MNO orders a profile for download
  • Device connects to SM-DP+ platform and performs mutual authentication

Device shall download subscription from SM-DP+.

Logical components of achelos IoT SM-DP+

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