achelos IoT is a branch of achelos GmbH, a German software development company founded in 2008 to deliver manufacturer independent solutions for embedded systems in security-critical application fields.

With our best in class expertise and technology we enable our customers to to build innovative IoT solutions related to the management of mobile connectivity for the rapidly developing market.

Our services cover the entire project lifecycle from design, development and security testing to deployment and operation.


The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. achelos is an associate GSMA member.


“Tele2 IoT orchestrates communication between devices and machines, to help you launch successful IoT solutions.
At Tele2 IoT we focus on what we do best; deliver global connectivity as well as enable efficient management and Value Added Services needed within IoT.
We are very happy to work in a close partnership with achelos, their speed and flexibility are perfectly aligned with our core values.
Our best-of-breed partners contribute with their area of excellence, to give the customers the best IoT solution for their needs.
Together we make IoT happen.”

CAIRON serves since more than 10 years the telecommunications industry worldwide. We steadily developed to a full-range solution and services provider with a constantly growing portfolio including all types of cards (SIM, vouchers, memory) and packaging, but also value added services (SOS credit, VoIP) and a number of other solutions. Our partner-based business model allows us to be extremely flexible and always find the right solution or product to accompany the growth of our customers.
We now work since two years with achelos on an independent eSIM Subscription Management solution.

Through the partnership with achelos, ConnectedYou (CY) successfully meet a critical milestone in our vision of creating a seamless and independent orchestration layer for IoT connectivity. achelos’ RSP solution powered with CY’s IoT service platform allows MNOs and MVNOs to quickly get on-board our eco-system, enabling a plethora of connectivity options for CY’s customers. IoT connectivity is chosen by customers based on unique combinations of geography, price, time-to-market and network stability and the only way to enable open choices is to decouple connectivity from the hardware - which is exactly what we have achieved.




knowledge first

our pool of talent spreads across a wide area and we connect the right skills with the unique opportunities of each customer, consequently using digital technology in our distributed company environment


never stop learning

we listen a lot, question our assumptions and explore uncharted territory to advance our understanding of the challenge at hand and the surrounding systems


say what you mean, mean what you say

we build long-lasting relationships with transparency and fairness


agility in process and thought

we rapidly develop solutions in sync with evolving customer requirements and market advancements


always improve

we are cost-conscious in all aspects of our work, continuously reducing waste and inefficiencies wherever we find them