The Internet of Things is transforming how the world works, affecting markets and industries on a global scale. It represents the convergence of the virtual and the physical worlds by providing the interconnection between distributed device networks and data-oriented applications.

These large, comprehensive and connected networks remain susceptible to security challenges. Any risk at a single point can endanger the entire system and lead to non-compliance and threats to data security, system integrity and service availability.


Existing and emerging IoT concepts may differ in their approach, but they all share three basic domains: the devices, the network and the platform with related applications.

Security of these domains should not be considered an afterthought. Using high-level cryptography it should be designed from the beginning as a fundamental element across any IoT deployment.

At achelos IoT we understand that a secure system is the sum of many parts. Our solutions focus on three specific areas: compliance and robustness of communication channels, secure management of connectivity credentials and embedded high-security operating systems and applications.


Security of the IoT ecosystem relies upon the collaboration of a number of stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of all IoT assets: from planning and conception to design and development, and from testing through to operation and maintenance.

The role of achelos IoT in this landscape is to provide the expertise to ensure the security of interrelated system elements. By establishing synergies from different stakeholders and value-adding partners, we work towards strengthening the end-to-end security of our clients’ IoT deployments.