Managing eSIM Profiles for Consumer Devices with achelos SM-DP+

The SM-DP+ prepares, downloads and manages all MNO eSIM profiles for consumer devices. Profile operations like download, activation and deactivation are controlled by the user through a specific application on the device, the LPA (Local Profile Assistant). Unlike the M2M solution any eSIM capable consumer device can connect to any SM-DP+.


eSIM System Architecture for Consumer Devices

Optionally a profile order can be published by the SM-DP+ on an SM-DS allowing automated profile discovery by the device (if supported), that can be useful for UI constraint devices.


Profile Repository

  • Secure storage of generated profiles
  • Profile Lifecycle Management, from creation to deletion with customisable reuse policies

Profile Order Management

  • Creation and encryption of personalised profile packages for download

Profile Download Manager

  • Download of ordered profile packages to specific device

Logical components of achelos SM-DP+